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AbbVie biopharmaceutical company


AbbVie is an American biopharmaceutical company which takes 11 position in 2014 as to the sales result of its medical production.

AbbVie company was based in 2013. The company managed to achieve amazing results in the research activity and enter top best pharmaceutical companies of the world within 2 years. It happened because of a special approach of the company to work.

AbbVie describes itself as a global biopharmaceutical company which uses innovative technologies in research and development of the new medical products.

The approach of AbbVie to the scientific developments is based on the impressive achievements of the constantly developing science. The scientists of the company have one of the first developed effective drugs for the treatment of HIV infection. And they are already actively used in the medicine and improve the quality of patients’ lives.

AbbVie company specializes not only on the production of the drugs but also the development of the medical devices for patients, diagnostic equipment, and food for patients.

Research and development of the drugs is conducted in the most serious fields of the medicine: neurology, immunology, oncology, female health, diseases of kidneys, and hepatitis C virus. The representatives of the company are sure that only scientific approach and innovative technologies will help to create effective medical products for the treatment of the diseases in these fields.

Today, the product portfolio of AbbVie includes AndroGel, Biaxin, Creon, Gengraf, Advicor, Prometrium, Synthroid, SIMCOR, Trilipix, Vicodin, Vicoprofen, Zemplar, TriCor, K-Tab, LUPRON DEPOT, Marinol, Lupaneta Pack, Nimbex, Norvir, and many other highly effective drugs, ointments, and gels.

AbbVie company has combined the advanced science, biotechnological novelties, professionalism of the modern doctors, and its own enthusiasm in order to find effective methods of the treatment of the severest human diseases.

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