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Bayer pharmaceutical and chemical corporation


Bayer is a German pharmaceutical and chemical corporation which was established in 1863. It is one of the largest manufacturers of the pharmaceutical production in the world.

Bayer corporation is more than 350 companies all over the world which work in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical production.

The affiliate companies of Bayer work independently but the main office in Leverkusen controls all important operations. The largest affiliate companies of Bayer are:

  • Bayer HealthCare produces medical drugs for people and animals, vitamins, biopharmaceutical developments on the basis of the protein engineering
  • Bayer Schering Pharma produces drugs and specializes in the development of the diagnostic equipment: computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
  • Bayer CropScience produces chemical defense equipment of agricultural plants and control of nonagricultural invaders.

The group of the affiliate companies also includes: Bayer Material Science, Bayer Business Services, Bayer Technology Services, Bayer Consumer Care, Bayer Animal Health.

Aspirin drug made the company very popular which was developed at the end of the 19 century. Then, heroine development (which was used as the main opioid analgesic) increased the reputation of Bayer as a pharmaceutical giant.

Nowadays, Bayer company obtains a discovery of such drugs as Ciprofloxacin, Levitra, Parathion, and Prontosil.

In the field of the chemical industry, Bayer discovered polyurethane, and polycarbonate which are widely used in the modern production.

Bayer is one of the largest manufacturers of the peroral contraceptives – Yaz and Yasmin.

The product portfolio also contains such brand names as: Xarelto, Kogenate, Betaferon, Mirena, Eylea, Contour, Adalat, Glucobay, AvaloxTM, Aleve, Bepanthen, Ultravist, Canesten, Gadovist, Levitra

In spite of the sizes of Bayer group, this company took just 16 position in the world by the sales results, as of 2014.

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