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Product Description

Abana is a herbal drug manufactured by the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare in India and it is used as a cardio protective remedy. The drug helps in preventing cardiac neurosis. Abana is composed of three main ingredients and they are Arjuna,Indian Bdellium and Shilajit. The formula reduces sensitivity of the heart by acting on lipids. This decreases cholesterol and normalises the lipid profile.

Other Known Uses of Abana

  1. It is used to treat mild hypertension because it lowers blood pressure.
  2. Respiratory tract infections and anemia can be treated by Abana because among it’s many ingredients are iron,potassium,aluminium and magnesium.
  3. It relieves muscle cramps and other forms of muscle irritability.
  4. Another ingredient found in Abana is processed agate which is used in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Directions,Usage and Side Effects

A physician should be consulted before taking this drug. The effective dosage however should be two tablets twice a day preferably with warm water. There has not been any reports of the drug’s side effects but pregnant women and those who are nursing should consult their doctors before using Abana.

Advantages of Buying Abana Online

  1. This is a drug that may not be readily available over the counter. Online pharmacies become more reliant because there is a high chance that they have the drug in stock.
  2. You can get the drug at a great discounted price which includes shipping charges. This makes the drug accessible to all who would wish to use it for treatment.
  3. Privacy is another key benefit of buying from online pharmacies. These companies have varoius terms and conditions that guarantee an customer privacy by keeping his/her personal details private. The relationship between the customer and the online pharmacy becomes trustworthy.
  4. Expert Guidance and Advice

Online pharmacies have access to doctors and other qualified medical person who can be reached for their professional advice. A person is thus getting expert treatment from the comfort of his or her home.

This is in addition to the fact that patients from very remote areas can have access to information due to access to online information. This saves the cost to travel and patients who might be too ill to travel. Online pharmacies can monitor your health and progress right from home.

You do not have to wait in line in order to get any medication from online pharmacies. Their services are available 24/7 and this is what makes them a reliable source. Buying from online pharmacies is an easy process. One only needs to find a credible website and register which is free. After registration, simply log in and type the name of the drug you want to purchase. The drug is taken to your shopping cart where you proceed and checkout.

To conclude, when you need to buy Abana online it is best to ensure that you find credible and legitimate online pharmacies. Check for certifications like Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and one can also use websites like to know the legit and non-legit companies.

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