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Strength(s): 10 mg

Active Ingredient: Loratadine


Product Description

Alavert refers to a non-drowsy allergy medication taken as prescribed by a healthcare professional because consuming an overdose could lead to drowsiness. The medication is an enhanced version of non-prescription allergy medication, which has the ability to provide relief to patients for up to 24 hours. The active ingredient in Alavert tablets is a non-sedating antihistamine known as Loratadine introduced as a prescription drug in 1992 and approved for over the counter use. Currently, you can even buy Alavert 10mg online.

How It Works

Alavert 10mg tablets have a proven track record of helping you get quick relief from most resilient and persistent seasonal allergies. The medication helps to avert commonly persistent symptoms, such as running nose, sneezes, itchy and watery eyes as well as prolonged itching of the throat and nose. Furthermore, Alavert helps to get rid of nasal congestion and sinus pressure for a more comfortable and unrestricted breathing.

You can easily swallow Alavert tablets by dissolving them with your tongue to release antihistamines into your system for an around-the-clock relief from discomfort. With Alavert 10m non-drowsy formula, this version is also packed with antihistamines, which is an effective constituent for remedying the above-mentioned symptoms. Alavert tablets are convenient, easy to use dissolving tablet.

In a nutshell, you can buy Alavert 10mg online from Canadian websites and pharmacies as well since the medication is approved to treat various seasonal allergies in both adults and children as young as six years of age. Therefore, Alavert 10mg tablets are

  • Non-drowsy formula
  • Provide 24-hour relief of allergy symptoms
  • Tablets that can easily dissolve on your tongue

Dosage Recommendations

It is very important to follow the prescriptions recommended by your health care professional depending on the ailment or symptoms you have developed. Therefore, it is advisable to swallow the exact number of tablets as your doctor prescribed or as indicated on the label. Normally, you should take Alavert 10mg tablets once everyday but you should heed the instructions of your doctor to the letter.

Never try to break, chew or crush the regular tablet, but instead swallow it whole. You should then chew the tablet first before swallowing it for easy uptake.

Avoid taking the dosage in smaller or larger amounts or even for extended periods than mentioned. Generally, medications for allergies and colds are usually taken only for the period when the ailment persists, after which you can stop using them when the symptoms fade away.

For children who have not attained the age of 2, avoid giving them Alavert medications completely. Furthermore, for children aged from 2-6 years, you should always seek the advice of a doctor before administering a cold or cough medication to them. This is because wrong prescriptions and mismatched dosage can bring about other fatal health disorders and even death in children.

Missing a Dose or Overdosing

In case you miss a dose and remember it before the next scheduled one, ensure you take the missed dose immediately. However, if your next scheduled dose has already reached, it is advisable to continue taking the prescribed dosage as usual. Never swallow additional Alavert tablets to cover up the missed ones because it automatically leads to overdose.

If you overdose yourself, ensure you seek emergency medical attention immediately to ascertain the extent of risk. The symptoms of Alavert overdose take account of drowsiness, headache, and fast heartbeat.

It is cheap and convenient to buy Alavert 10mg online in Canada. With the expertise of our skilled employees, you can rest assured we will offer you with the best advice about online prescription drugs

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