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Bystolic (Nebivolol)

Strength(s):  2.5 mg ; 5 mg

Active Ingredient: Nebivolol


Product Description

Bystolic also known as nebivolol is a prescribed medical tablet from a group of drugs called beta-inhibitors (sensitivity inhibitors). The drug is available in Canada and patient can buy it over the counter from a nearby pharmacy at a cheap price. It is taken more often with other medicines to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) in adults. Children under the age of 18 have no approval to use Bystolic medicine.

The Bystolic medicine work by preventing the exceeding of the usual range of heart beat to control the force of heart blood pub. The drug increases the diameter of blood vessels, therefore, contribute to the reduction of the blood pressure.


Before you buy the Bystolic medicine from the Canada pharmacy, you should discuss your health details to the doctor to access if you experienced health disorders such as first-degree cardiac conduction problems that may affect heart rhythm, long-term breathing disorders, abnormalities in the rate of heart beat and sore chest.

The medicine may overshadow signs of Diabetes though it has no effect on sugar levels in the bloodstream and evidence of abnormal heart rate caused by over-active thyroid glands.

When you buy Bystolic medicine from the pharmacy, be warned of the allergies associated since it enhances reaction to pollen and allergic substances.

Tell the doctor you use Bystolic before surgery process, neither a patient should administer the drug when they suffer from severe kidney disease.

Do not buy Bystolic from you pharmacy when pregnant or expectant unless it is the last option necessary in which consult a physician.

Adolescents should not use Bystolic medicine; however, no concrete data is evident to the dis-commendation.

Using Bystolic tablets

The medication is taken with or without food but best with a glass of water as directed by a doctor or at the pharmacy. It may cause fatigue and dizziness and the patient should be off their dose when driving or operating machines.

The dosage of Bystolic differs depending on the disorder or health condition under treatment usually 5 mg per day to treat high blood pressure, a half the dose for patients with kidney problems and a quarter 1.25 mg to treat chronic heart failure. Dosage for patients suffering kidney or heart failures increases the medication after some time.

Take a missed dose soonest you remember or skip to the next dose when its time is very near. Call the Pharmacy or your doctor for assistance in case of an overdose or any other complications.

Side effects

Side effects of using the Bystolic medicine are minor including tiredness, headache and feeling dizzy. Advanced cases include swollen limbs and low blood pressure.

Where to buy Bystolic Medication

Buy Bystolic medicine over the counter in Canada or buy it from Canada stores online. The online option is cheap as the online store do not pay tax. To buy Bystolic online is convenient to many people’s time as one buys the drug any time of the day with free delivery.

Bystolic is a very useful medicinal drug. Patients should buy and include the prescribed tablet in their dosage under instruction from medical experts.

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