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Cardizem (Diltiazem)

Strength(s): 60 mg ; 120 mg ; 180 mg

Analogs of Cardizem: Diltiazem


Product Description

Cardizem is a calcium channel blocker that opens up blood vessels to lower blood pressure and help to increase blood and oxygen flow to the heart. The active ingredient in Cardizem is called diltiazem hydrochloride. Cardizem releases this ingredient slowly over 24 hours.

Uses of Cardizem

Some people use the medication to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) while others use it to prevent chest pain (angina).

There are many causes of hypertension including hardening of the arteries, kidney disease or hormone imbalances. Hypertension can result to serious problems such as heart attack or stroke but using Cardizem significantly reduces the chances of such serious health issues.

Symptoms of angina include pain or an uncomfortable sensation in the chest. The pain is usually caused by inadequate blood supply to the heart. This pain or sensation sometimes spreads to the neck, shoulder, back, and/or arms.

How to order Cardizem 180mg and use it

Cardizem 180mg is available online at cheap prices in Canadian pharmacies.

– Make sure you tell your doctor about any medicines you are using before he/she prescribes Cardizem 180mg for you

– After your doctor prescribes the medicine for you, visit the website of a reputable Canadian pharmacy and order Cardizem 180mg. Your order will be delivered swiftly.

– Check to verify that the package is in good order (no signs of tampering)

– Verify the expiry date on the pack

– Take one capsule per day and ensure you take it at the same time of the day each day.

– Swallow the capsule without chewing as chewing can cause reactions that increase side effects. Swallow it with water. You can use Cardizem with or without food.

– If you are using Cardizem for angina, don’t stop taking the medication abruptly as this can cause severe angina for one or several days. If you aren’t sure about how long you should take it, contact your doctor before making any drastic decision.

– In case one day you forget to take Cardizem 180mg at the normal time, first determine how much time remains until your next scheduled time. If there is little time remaining, just wait and take your medication at that time.

– Store your medication away from direct heat and sunlight and from the reach of children and pets.


Cardizem should not be used by a person if he/she is:

– Allergic to diltiazem hydrochloride and/or any other ingredient of Cardizem. Symptoms of allergic reactions to Cardizem include sneezing, difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue, lips and face, itching/skin rash, and fainting.

– Pregnant or breastfeeding or planning to be

– Suffering from low blood pressure

– Having left ventricular failure (weakened pumping action of the heart)

– Experiencing heart rhythm problems

– Taking medicines that interact unfavourably with Cardizem. This is the importance of telling your doctor about the medicines you are using.

Side effects

Cardizem usage may cause unwanted effects on some people. Common Cardizem side effects include:

– Weakness or tiredness

– Headache

– Light-headedness

– Sudden hot feeling (flushing)

– Nausea

– Dizziness

– Itchy sensation on various areas of the

Using Cardizem 180mg capsules is not associated with many serious side effects. However, Cardizem may react differently to different people and cause the following serious effects:

– If the above side effects persist

– Irregular heartbeats; either very quickly or very slowly

– Severe pain in either of your arms

– Blisters or bleeding in the eyes, nose, lips, mouth or genitals

– Painfully itchy spots and peeling of the skin

The patient should seek urgent medical attention immediately s/he experiences these side effects.

There are many Canadian pharmacies selling medicine online. Before you order Cardizem 180mg online, make sure that the pharmacy is trusted and reputable to ensure that you buy safe and effective drugs. Buying medicine has never been easier. You are now able to order Cardizem 180mg from home.

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