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Strength(s): 50 mg ; 100 mg; 200 mg


Product Description

Danazol medicine is an androgen drug like testosterone used in the treatment of pelvic pain and infertility caused by uterus disorders and in the treatment of breast diseases in women. Both males and females can use the Danazol medication to prevent the swelling of stomach, limbs face and airways caused by congenital diseases. Danazol works by reducing the levels of hormones made by the ovaries and increase the amount of some protein in the body’s immune system.

Using Danazol

Danazol drugs are readily available in Canadian pharmacies from both the local drug stores and the online pharmacies in Canada. Anyone can buy the drug from the comfort of your living by placing their order on the various online pharmacies which usually offer it at a cheap price.

Danazol medicine cheaply bought from Canada is administered by swallowing the whole capsules with a glass of water but not chewed first. It is also possible to take Danazol before or after meals but at a regular time each day.

Do not take two doses at the same time. Take a missed dose soonest remembered, and the regular dose continued or skipped to the next dose if it is near.

Precise dosage depends on the disease prevented or put on treatment and using the drug depends on the instructions from the pharmacy. However, for treating endometriosis take Danazol for three to six months consistently or to nine months if necessary. Women patients begin to take the drug during menstruation.

Precautions on using Danazol medication

The medical drug may cause unfavorable allergic reactions; the patients, therefore, ought to notify their doctors or pharmacist if they have had a bad experience with the drug. Some medicines especially blood thinners including Coumadin; diabetic medications like insulin; seizures preventing medicine especially carbamazepine and vitamins may not interact well with Danazol. The patient should tell their doctors if they are on any other medication.

People with a history migraine headaches, liver, heart, or kidney disease; a history of seuzers, stroke, breast cancer or blood clotting must consult their doctors before taking Danazol.

Side effects of Danazol

The Danazol drug sold at cheap prices from the Canadian online pharmacies may lead to many adverse events to the patient using it. They include Decrease in the size of breasts, gain in weight, acne, deepening of the voice or a sore throat, sweating, oily skin or hair, hair growing in unusual places and amounts, flushing and depression. The patient may also experience irritations, feeling nervous, change or absence of menstrual cycle, virginal dryness, itching, burning, or bleeding.

Other uncommon side effects associated with Danazol include yellowing of the skin o r eyes, vomiting, visual disturbance, skin rash, persistent headache or stomach upset or frequent, prolonged, or painful erection of the penis.

Buy the Danazol medicine at cheap prices from the online pharmacies in Canada as opposed to buying it from the local drug store. Care is essential when using the drug as it can cause serious side effects or death if not used correctly. Always consult your doctor before starting the Danazol medication.

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