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Dilantin (Phenytoin)

Strength(s): 100 mg

Active Ingredient: Phenytoin


Product Description

Dilantin, also known by known its generic name Phenytoin, is used for preventing and controlling seizures. It decreases the spread of seizure activity in the brain. This medicine is part of anticonvulsants family of drugs. In fact, it has been in use since the 19th century. And, it’s only due to the positive effects of this medicine that people still buy it.

How does Dilantin Work?

Dilantin is helpful in calming the electrical activity in the brain, which explains why it is a highly revered anti-seizure medicine. However, even if you don’t suffer from the seizure disorder, then there’s a possibility that you might be amongst the millions of people across the globe experiencing ‘static’ electric impulses. This may lead to a wide range of problems such as anxiety and depression.

Therefore, if you are planning to order Dilantin 100mg online, then you should reconsider your decision. Instead, you should consult your doctor and get a low-dosage of this medicine. Its effect on your nervous system parallels the fine-tuning of a radio.

How to use Dilantin?

  • Before taking the medication the first dosage of this medicine, you should carefully read its leaflet or guide for optimal usage. If necessary, you should contact the pharmacy or your doctor.
  • You should orally take only a dosage once a day or as directed by your doctor. You can either take this medicine with or without food. It is recommended to take this medicine with a glass of water.
  • You should avoid crushing the capsule. Also, you should do away with all those capsules that are discoloured.
  • If you want to experience faster results, then you should follow the prescription suggested by your doctor. It is essential to maintain a continuity of dosages. You should make it a point to take dosages at a particular time daily.
  • You should avoid over dosage because the doctor might prescribe you a particular dosage after considering your age, medical condition and responsiveness to the existing therapy.
  • Do not stop the usage of Dilantin without consulting your doctor. In certain cases, seizures get worse after the medication is stopped suddenly. However, you can gradually decrease its usage.

Side Effects

Before using this medication, you should have a clear knowledge about its side effects. Some of the most common side effects experienced by users include headache, constipation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, nervousness, or trouble in sleeping.

In certain cases, Phenytoin may result in bleeding and swelling of gums. In order to minimum this situation, you should regularly massage your gums and brush your teeth. After consumption of this medication, if you experience even a single side effect mentioned above, then you should immediately consult your doctor.


Before taking a dosage of Dilantin, you have to come out clear with the doctor about your allergies, or to various anti-seizure medicines. You might be allergic to some of the inactive ingredients in this medicine, and you may never know about their existence until you consult your doctor.

Generally, most users complain of dizziness or drowsiness after consuming this medicine. Therefore, you should avoid driving or performing any activity that requires continued concentration. Avoid or abstain yourself from consuming alcoholic beverages after taking Dilantin. If you have a medical history or you’ve undergone a serious surgery, then you should inform your doctor about the same beforehand.


Dilantin is a cheap medicine with great results, which explains its popularity and large scale usage. You can reap maximum results from this medicine, if you begin with a low dosage. Also, consult your doctor about its positive and negative aspects beforehand. This will help you in avoiding future complications.

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