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Strength(s): 25 mg ; 100 mg


Product Description

Commonly referred to as Persantine in the health sector, Dipyridamole is a top-performing anti-platelet drug which is widely used to prevent clots from forming. Dipyridamole medication has a good interaction with blood thinners towards ensuring that clot formation does not take place in the human body.

In not prevented, clots can lead to adverse complications such as pulmonary embolisms and heart attack. Dipyridamole medication helps to prevent the platelets from clumping together and keeping the blood flowing efficiently. This medication is usually administered by mouth four times a day. To avoid adverse effects, Dipyridamole medication should be taken according to doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions.

Dipyridamole drug is approved and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to trade freely in the online pharmacies and over-the-counter shop outlets. Canadian health mall is a best-selling online pharmacy that has been selling Dipyridamole medication at a cheap and at affordable prices for more than eleven years. Changes evidenced in the technological arena have been playing a vital role towards ensuring that potential buyers have an access to cheap Dipyridamole medication.

Emerging issues and trends such as online banking works to facilitate the purchase of Dipyridamole drug online. The commonly used online means of payment includes PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill, and Visa. The Canadian health store depicts the need of buying Dipyridamole medication online using the legitimate Canadian online pharmacy website to avoid the case of being conned by online scammers.

Guides on how to order Dipyridamole online

Dipyridamole medication is licensed and certified by the Food and Drug Administration to sell at a global level. To order Dipyridamole online, visit the Canadian mall legit website and make a purchase of your Persantine package. Open the Canadian online website and search for the Dipyridamole medication in the search query. After selecting your package, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to initiate a payment process.

The Canadian online pharmacy will send an invoice to you after initiating the payment process. Pay the invoice and print the receipt as an evidence of the payment done. Fill in the shipping address details to enjoy a delivery of the purchased package in less than 72 hours. Currently, Canadian mall is giving out free coupons and boxes of Dipyridamole medication to clients making a purchase of more than five boxes.

Dipyridamole dosage and other drugs interactions

Dipyridamole medication should be taken according to health professional’s prescriptions and with a full course meal. Dipyridamole drug should be taken four times a day. Before taking this medication, share a list of all the over-the-counter drugs being taken for further recommendations.

Prices of Dipyridamole drug online

Currently, a package of Dipyridamole drug with 60 tablets and dosage strength of 75 mg is trading at $23.30. A package of Dipyridamole medication with 90 tablets is trading at $32.48.

Dipyridamole side effects and precautions

When misused and abused, Dipyridamole drug leads to adverse effects such as headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upset. The less common side effects are lightheadedness and stomach pains.

Before taking Dipyridamole drug, consider consulting a pharmacist as this medication may lead to allergic reactions and hypotension.


Dipyridamole is one of the top-ranked anti-platelet drugs in the health sector. Dipyridamole medication works to prevent the clotting process from taking place in your body. Order a package of Dipyridamole online at Canadian health mall at a cheap and considerate price.

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