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Lady Era (Sildenafil)

Strength(s): 100 mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil


Product Description

Commonly known as the female Viagra, Lady Era is one of the best-selling medications that help to increase and boost the female arousal during sex intimacy. Lady Era is approved, certified, and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to be used by women at a global level. Lady Era is also effective as it starts working in less than hour after being administered in the body.

Lady Era is now available in the Canadian mall and health store at considerate and cheap prices. After taking this medication, a client can last for more than 5 hours while being sexually aroused. This drug is trusted and popular in the health markets as it has been in the online pharmacy for more than ten years.

Lady Era pills are available in the market in various dosage strengths. Buy cheap Lady Era Tablets in the Canadian health store and enjoy a free delivery and free coupons. Are you a female with sexual arousal disorder? Worry no more. Lady Era medication was recently introduced in the online pharmacies to solve your problems in the most efficient manner.

Getting Lady Era pills in over-the-counter pharmacies can be a bit tricky. The situation can be trickier when your attendant belongs to the opposite gender. Some of the clients view sexual arousal disorder as an embarrassment disorder, a situation that makes them stay silent with their problems. Nowadays, you don’t have to undergo such repercussions. Visit the original Canadian or eBay website and order a package of Lady Era pills with your desired dosage strength.

Lady Era instructions

Lady Era is one of the top-ranked medications that work to treat female sexual arousal disorders. Lady Era is one of the oral prescriptions drugs that should be taken according to doctor’s recommendation and pharmacists instructions.

After being administered in the human body, Lady Era medication works to create an arousal effect in an hour time. Also, Lady Era medication boosts a woman sexual intimacy for 5 hours. Lady Era medication should not be abused or misused as it can lead to serious effects.

Lady Era storage information

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, Lady Era Tablets should not be stored away from light, heat, and moisture. The medication should also be kept between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

After getting your Lady Era delivery, store away from pets and children.

Guides on how to order Lady Era online

Lady Era is a cheap and an affordable medication available in the online pharmacies at considerate prices. To order Lady Era medication online, visit the Canadian health mall and purchase your preferred package. When buying Lady Era pills online, beware of online scammers willing to con you by selling you counter fake drugs.

Prices of Lady Era Tablets online

Currently, a package of Lady Era drug with 30 pills is trading at $54. Buy a box of Lady Era Tablets with 60 pills and enjoy a discount of $22.39.


Lady Era is one of the best-selling medications that work to treat the female sexual arousal disorder in the most effective manner. Order Cheap Lady Era medication in the Canadian health mall and enjoy free coupons and fantastic offers.

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