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Luvox (Fluvoxamine)

Strength(s): 50 mg ; 100 mg

Active Ingredient: Fluvoxamine


Product Description

Commonly known as Fluvoxamine, Luvox is one of the best-selling drugs in the medication department that works to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and cases of major depression affecting people. Luvox is a quality mediation that is approved, licensed, and verified by the Food Drug and Administration board to trade in the online pharmacies at a global level

As a Canadian, you don’t have to visit over-the-counter pharmacies to access quality Luvox medication. The Canadian Pharmacy and the eBay online pharmacies recently introduced Luvox tablets in the market to serve clients with major depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder efficiently.

When administered in the body, Luvox works to decrease unwanted thoughts and the urge of repeating unwanted talks, a disorder that works to affect our daily living. Are you a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorders and major depression? Worry no more. The Canadian health store is selling top-notch Luvox medication at considerate and affordable prices.

In the medication department, health professionals refer to Luvox medication as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, a key factor that has contributing to the success of this medication. Apart from treating major depressions and obsessive-compulsive disorder, Luvox tablets also works to restore the balance of serotonin in the human brain.

Luvox medication has been available in the health sector for more than ten years, a key factor that has been contributing to its popularity. This medication works accordingly when used and administered with regard to doctors prescriptions. According to the health experts, Luvox medication may also be used to treat post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders.

Guides on how to order Luvox medication online

Technological advancements and emerging trends in the IT industry has been playing a vital role towards ensuring that potential buyers has access to quality medication in due time. Technological advancements come with both positive and negative effects. The number of online perpetrators who sells fake drugs to clients has also been increasing rapidly.

To order Luvox medication online, visit the Canadian online pharmacy official website and make an order of your desired package. Online means of payment such as PayPal and Skrill are widely used to complete the purchase of Luvox pills in the online pharmacies.

Luvox medication precautions and drug interactions

Before taking Luvox pills, consider consulting your doctor for recommendation and instructions purposes. This medication should not be taken by patients with manic-depressive disorders. In addition, Luvox medication may contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions.

After taking Luvox medication, it is advisable to avoid operating machinery systems.

Luvox medication side effects

When abused, Luvox tablets may lead to adverse side effects such as dizziness, seizures, fainting, and swelling.

Prices of Luvox medication online

The price of Luvox tablets differs depending on the number of pills in a package and the dosage strength. The Canadian health store is currently selling a box of Luvox drug with 30 tablets and 100 mg dosage strength at $402.


Luvox is one of the best-selling medications in the online pharmacies. Luvox drug works to treat cases of major depressions and obsessive-compulsive disorder affecting human beings. Buy more than three packages of Luvox medication online and get a bonus of $5 free.

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