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Strength(s): 500 mg ; 850 mg


Product Description

Metformin is the generic name for diabetes control medication that also goes by the brand names;

  • Glucophage XR
  • Riomet
  • Fortamet
  • Glucophage
  • Gumetza

How Metformin works

This medication works by controlling blood sugar levels in the blood for diabetic patients. It’s specifically used for cases of type 2 diabetes and not type 1 diabetes. Doctors administer Metformin in combination with other drugs such as insulin.

Where to buy Metformin Medication

You can order Metformin online via online drug stores. These shops uphold high standards of customer service and consultation as well as shipping and delivery. You also get to buy your Metformin medication at cheap, discounted prices more so if you buy in bulk.

There’s always traditional over the counter pharmacy option. Pharmacies stock Metformin and diabetes medications in plenty thus its readily available.


Effective control of blood sugars in patients with diabetes requires patients to take their prescribed doses exactly as instructed. All directions must be followed to the letter. Avoid adjusting the dose amounts to fit your needs but rather rely on your doctor’s advice. The doctor may tweak your dosage to achieve better results.

Metformin should be taken with a meal at any time of the day. Swallow the extended-release tablets as whole without breaking and chewing. You need to swallow with plenty of water. For patients with hypoglycemia who cannot feed, a glucagon injection has to be used to administer this drug.

Anytime a doctor prescribes Metformin medication; they also recommend regular medical examination, physical exercise, strict diet plans for controlling the blood sugars.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe a patient to take vitamin B12 while on a dose of Metformin

When you miss your dose, take your normal tablet as soon as you remember and with a meal. Skip the dose altogether if the time for the subsequent dose is near. Lastly, never take an extra dose to compensate for a missed dose.

Precaution in Using Metformin Medication

Metformin medication must be complemented by regular physical exercise and healthy diet.

Always store you Metformin tablets at room temperature away from direct heat, light, and excessive moisture

Never alter your dosage or prescription of Metformin without the consent of your physician

Avoid taking alcohol while on a dose of Metformin. Lactic acidosis and lowering of blood sugars maybe some of the consequence

Report all cases of accidental or intentional overdose to a health specialist

Patients with severe kidney and liver conditions as well as diabetic ketoacidosis cannot take this medication

You should temporarily stop taking the drug if scheduled for a Xray or CT scan

Patients over the age of 80 years cannot take this medication. Same applies for those who are on chlorpropamide

Stop taking this medication if you develop allergic reactions

Side Effects of Metformin Medication

Common side effects may include diarrhea, stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting. Patients may also develop severe symptoms of allergies such as hives, swollen lips, tongue and throat as well as difficulty breathing.

Numbness in the limbs, slow heart rates, muscle pain, dizziness, and drowsiness constitute severe side effects and necessitate emergency medical help.

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