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Silvitra (Sildenafil, Vardenafil)

Strength(s): 120 mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil, Vardenafil

Product Description

Silvitra medication is a prescription drug used for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The effectiveness of this drug makes it one of the most ordered online. How does it work? Well, silvitra is made up of two key ingredients renown for their potency in dealing with erectile dysfunction. They are:

Both ingedients are classified as PDE-5 inhibitors. As the name suggests, the two prevent the action of a chemical called phosphodistearase type-5. This helps to relax (expand) the blood vessels that flow into the penis during sexual stimulation. As a result, a person is able to sustain an erection. Silvitra also stimulates the psychological erectile response of the user by relieving any discomfort they may have.

Silvitra dosage

A package of silvitra medication ordered online normally comes in a package of 30 120-mg pills. The recommended dosage is one pellet of 120-mg silvitra taken about an hour prior to anticipated sexual activity. Son not take more than one pellet in a day. Talk to your doctor for consultation. This way, you avoid counter implications.

Precautions when taking Silvitra medication

Read the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet for a list of all ingredients contained. If you are allergic to any of them, consult your doctors before use. All in all, avoid using the drug if:

  • you have a liver condition, kidney disease, or are recovering from a heart or kidney surgey. The same applies to people with a liver problem
  • if you are using a diet supplement or any drug that contains a nitrate. Nitrates react with silvitra and this could lead to a fatal complication. Contact your pharmacist and inquire about whether your other medicines contain nitrates or not.
  • Silvitra is only intended for adults so keep off from children under the age of 18. In addition to this, it’s only to be used by the intended person. If for some reason do not complete your dose then don’t give to someone else.
  • do not take more than a single tablet of silvitra medication in eagerness for coitus. Stick to the recommended dosage (one 120-mg tablet taken an hour or so before anticipated sexual activity)

Side effects

Users taking silvitra medication for erectile dysfunction are bound to experience a number osbside effects – just as you would if you take any other drug. The intensity varies from one individual to another. The side effects of using silvitra are:

  • stomach upsets, nausea and vomiting
  • nasal clogging
  • reddening of the eyes and sometimes having a blurry vision
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • priapism (having a long painful erection that doesn’t seem to go away even)

These normally go away after a few hours but if the symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

How to order for silvitra medication online

Once your doctors gives you the go-ahead to use silvitra medication for your condition, just visit an online pharmacy. These are more discreet and offer some privacy. Just click on the drug, add it to your cart, check out and wait as your package is shipped to you. Stick to the recommended dosage. Don’t let the condition put you down.

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