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Tadapox (Dapoxetine, Tadalafil)

Strength(s): 80 mg

Active Ingredient: Dapoxetine, Tadalafil


Product Description

Pharmacies in Canada sell Tadapox medication at cheap prices to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions. Tadapox is a medical drug a combination of two components: Dapoxetine and Tadalafil from the Cialis medication. The combination works together in relaxation of blood vessels in the penis to allow free flow of blood to the penis to cause an erection. Tadapox prevents blood outflow to maintain the erection for up to 24 hours. Unlike other Viagra medications, the Canadian Tadapox relaxes the penile muscles to reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse. Order Tadapox online from the many Canadian pharmacies for prolonged erections with a controlled feeling during sex, more bright and extended orgasm and stopped actions on nerve impulses that indicate sexual arousal.

Where to buy cheap Tadapox medication

To order Tadapox online from the Canadian pharmacies that sell at cheap prices, visit any of the many online pharmacies. Placing a purchase order is very simple and convenient as buying is possible at any time of the day. However, patients in Canada can buy the Tadapox drugs over the counter from their nearest local pharmacies. Many patients in Canada prefer buying from the online pharmacies because it is much cheaper.

Dosage of the Tadapox in Canada

People with sexual disorders should only take Tadapox. Start a dose a half 80 mg, but you can increase to 80 mg in case the effect is not felt.

The tablet is taken with water about a half an hour before sexual intercourse. Effects of the medication should come 30 minutes to one hour after administration.

Individual dosage may apply depending on doctor’s instruction according to the health condition of the user.

Please make sure to use the drug as directed on the label or by a medical practitioner.

Precautions in using the Tadapox medication

Both the active and the nonactive ingredients in the Tadapox medication are a threat to cause allergic reactions that can result in swelling limbs, sore throat, lips, the tongue, or the face.

Users of the drug should avoid heavy meals before and after taking the medication to avoid losing the power for harder and longer erection.

Practical use in women and children under 18 years of age is not established, therefore not recommended unless it is the last option according to a medical doctor.

Avoid alcohol and fatty foods that can reduce the efficiency of the medication.

Tell the doctor if you have a history of problems with the heart, kidneys or the liver. Do not use Tadapox with other drugs without a proper prescription.

Side effects

Apart from the allergic reactions, Canadian Tadapox sold at cheap prices may result in users experiencing nausea, vomiting, headache, flushes, body pain and dizziness. Tadapox may expose the patient to risks of stomach ulcers and heart problems. Overdose may result in hearing problems including impairment, longer erections than expected, diarrhea, hepatotoxicity and other acute symptoms.

You can order Tadapox online or from the local pharmacies in Canada and buy the Tadapox at a cheap price. Before you order Tadapox online do research to assure the drug store is legit to avoid counterfeits that may induce unwanted effects to the user. Tadapox must follow the doctor’s direction of use.

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